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Come Fly With Me

Super Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

Cute is What We Aim For:)

This is where I post random stuff. I may answer writers block questions, because frankly I don't want to spill my guts to a journal that someone might be able to hack into even if I don't friend them. I also have a tendency to post random YOUTUBE cartoon videos, because "old" cartoons are Ah-Some.

About Me

My name is Brianna but i have many nicknames Bumble Bee is one of them.Im an athlete, artist, actress.I'm sarcastic, blunt, grouchy in the mornings, happy go lucky(except in said morning), stubborn, obnoxious, loud and entertaining. My other nicknames are:Twizzler, Bree, Cookie, Soccer Chick, TooBee, Bribi, Banana, Cocoa Puff, Breezy Bree, TobiLou and other wacky names I can't remeber, or choose to forget.

I Heart Music
I listen to all kinds of music.

Soundtracks and Instrumental

----Reliant K
----Britt Nicole
----The Fray

Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble

Usually I like any type of music it just depends on the song. I do not however like hard rock and Elvis is kinda stupid.

Movies and TV Shows


--She's the Man
--All the Pirates of the Carribean
--All the SpiderMans
--Emperor's New Groove
--Pink Panther
--Beauty and the Beast
--What a Girl Wants
--All the Lord of the Rings
--Muppet Treasure Island
--Cats Don't Dance
--The Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
--Finding Nemo

Tv Shows

--America's Next Top Model
--So you Think You Can Dance
--Spongebob Squarepants
--Little People, Big World
--Hannah Montana

Few of my favorite things
Bananas, green, blue, pink and blue, horses, Walt Disney, Tinkerbell, Finding Nemo, giraffes, baby ducks, icons, candy, watermelon flavored jelly belly jelly beans ,Hershey's milk chocolate, cookies, Converse, black, plaid, great danes, cocoa puffs, muppets, Emperor's New Groove, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider Man,Australian shepards, musicals, scented markers, America's Next Top Model, rodeos, So you think you can dance, Dr.Pepper,beaches, summer, Transformers, Enchanted, Monk, PBJ, Sweet pea, goldfish, Australia,Pixar,music.
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